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Treatment policy of Tokiko Clinic

Suppose you come to our clinic to clear up some acne on your forehead. Generally, dermatologists prescribe topical creams or gels for acne treatment after checking the affected areas. But our clinic adopts a different approach. Tokiko Clinic believes skin ailments are significantly affected by the condition of the body.

That is, even if we can temporally relieve skin symptoms, it is no more than an ad hoc solution. Similar symptoms may recur later unless you improve your physical well being. So we need to discover the cause of your symptoms - is it a skin rash due to makeup, stress, hormone abnormality or contact dermatitis? There are a number of possibilities. We devote ourselves to hearing from you first hand so we can apply the best therapeutic method. If, based on this personal counseling process, we think that some external treatment could be effective for your skin then we can prescribe topical creams for you or perform chemical peels.

There are a number of therapies we may suggest for you. We could prescribe Chinese herbal medicine for you if we judged that you need to be cured of an internal affliction. We could use acupuncture if we thought that you needed to dramatically improve your physical condition. We wish to individually match these treatments with you to develop the most effective course for you.

We would like to develop your own beauty

Tokiko Clinic is an aesthetic dermatologist; we are a medical aesthetic facility supervised by a qualified dermatologist. We offer both medical aesthetic and dermatological treatments with carefully selected materials by a dermatologist that are not available at the usual aesthetic salons.

Just as each patient has different lifestyles, so too do they have different causes of acne. Each patient has different demands; some have to wear make up while working even if they have acne on their face, some customers want to minimize the appearance of acne within several days, some want a complete cure regardless of the time it takes, some want to avoid the scars acne can leave while others want to discuss the cosmetics they use with us.

Tokiko Clinic provides each patient with a private examining room. Your doctor will visit the room to examine you and you can share and discuss your condition with the doctor in a relaxed atmosphere.

An aesthetic dermatologist who is totally committed to curing you with a comprehensive approach including Western Medicine, aesthetic therapies, Eastern Medicine and cosmetics--- that is the treatment which Tokiko Clinic is aiming to provide. We carefully examine the skin and physical condition of each patient to enhance her own beauty. It is our pleasure to help you through our collective efforts.

We would like to develop your own beauty