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What does beauty mean for you?
Does it mean having skin with no acne or rough surfaces?
Does it mean having skin with no blemishes and dullness, or having beautiful skin with a fine texture?
We aim to respond to all the various kinds of beauty that you may wish to develop.

Department of dermatology

The dermatologist clears your skin problems by addressing both external and internal symptoms. We provide not only western medications and treatments but also Chinese Medicine and acupuncture services.

Department of cosmetic dermatology

It is a risk-free aesthetic medical treatment for people seeking more beautiful skin. You can have a chemical peel or the light therapy with our state-of-the-art medical equipment.

Department of internal cosmetic medicine/anti-aging

"Do you want to rejuvenate yourself?" Or "do you want to keep looking ageless?" We also provide hormonal therapy, slimming services and aesthetic injection of placenta or vitamin.

Department of plastic surgery

We perform operations to correct congenital deformities and other physical defects and provide treatments covered by health insurance such as for underarm odor and hyperhidrosis. We also perform cosmetic surgery for people seeking beauty as well as no-scalpel operations; 'petit surgery'.

Additionally, the clinic provides an original medical aesthetic service and our very own line of cosmetics produced by our medical doctor, Tokiko Komura. Our skilled staff can individualize a program specifically designed to make you more beautiful.

Every woman seeks her own individual beauty. We would like to meet every wish you have for being beautiful. All staff members combine their expertise and devote themselves to enhancing your unique beauty --- that's the Tokiko Clinic way!

Content of treatment