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Tokiko Komura

Medical Doctor "Tokiko Komura"

"Our skin is sometimes very sensitive to our psychological well being and stress levels. Such sensitivities are likely to take a number of symptoms and a lot can be learnt from studying these anflictions. Unfortunately, people may not realize the cause of their problem if they consider that such afflictions must be controlled by medicine. Often this type of invasive therapy can have a negative impact on our lifestyle, affecting our ability to enjoy and make the most out of life. That could make our daily life disappointing instead of making it as enjoyable as it should be. What should be done to best control these ailments then? This is a very tricky problem and there is not always one answer. And there does not have to be. We believe each person should seek their own answers and make their own choices."


Tokiko Komura, the medical doctor of Tokiko Clinic, has dedicated herself to treating acne and atopic dermatitis after graduating from the Kobe University School of Medicine. In 1996, she established an aesthetic dermatology clinic for the purpose of promoting mental, physical and skin health. She currently provides holistic aesthetic therapies characterized by the fusion of Western medical treatments using state-of-the-art aesthetic equipment and Eastern Medical treatments aiming at physical improvements and health from within. While being on the front line of aesthetic dermatology, she often provides skin health consultation on TV and in magazines.

She is a member of the following academic societies; the Japanese Dermatological Association, the Japanese Society for Dermatologic Allergy, the Japanese Society of Psychosomatic Medicine, the Japanese Cosmetic Science Society, the Japanese Society of Anti-Aging Medicine and the Japan Society for Oriental Medicine.

Tokiko Komura