Tokiko Clinic

Dermatology, Cosmetic dermatology,
Oriental Medicine(Chinese medicine・acupuncture services),Plastic surgery


Free Counseling


Tokiko Clinic

Tokiko ClinicFor patients who wish to not only relieve their symptoms using medicine
but who also wish to fully recover from the cause of the problem,
For clients who want to safely enhance their natural beauty,
For people who want to be rejuvenated and remain beautiful,
All staff members strive to help and meet the various needs of our customers.

Tokiko Clinic
Name Medical Corporation Jubi-kai Tokiko Clinic
Diagnosis and treatment Dermatology, Cosmetic dermatology, Oriental Medicine(Chinese medicine・acupuncture services),
Plastic surgery
Treatment Hours


【Plastic surgery】Second and forth Wednesday 15:30~19:30 ※Advance reservation only

※All of the treatments are advance reservation only
※You don't have to make an appointment with the doctor (except for plastic surgery). But as the medical doctor may be away from the clinic once or twice a month attending academic meetings, we recommend you contact us before you visit our clinic.

Close Sunday and public holidays
Contact 06-6241-6663
Person in charge of treatment Tokiko Komura

Tokiko Clinic Medical Spa

Tokiko Clinic Medical SpaYou can receive our aesthetic services supported by a trained dermatologist and acupuncturist in a relaxed atmosphere. We offer a wide range of programs responding to diversified skin troubles such as acne, whitening and dullness. We also offer a bridal beauty service.

Tokiko Clinic Medical Spa
Operating hours 11:00~19:30 ※Sunday is advance reservation only
Close Public Holiday
Contact 06-6241-6657

Access to Clinic

Shinsaibashi Chuo building 6F 4-7-6, Minami-senba, Chuo-ku, Osaka, 542-0081
Access/2 minutes walk from No.3 exit of Shinsaibashi Station on Midosuji Line (There is a boutique with yellow tent on a 1st floor.)

Traffic information to the clinic

【Access by car】

For customers coming from Hanshin Wangan Highway/Kobe
1) Exit at "Nishi Nagahori" on Hanshin-Kobe Highway, Drive down the slope and turn left at 2nd traffic signal, then you are in "Nagahori Street"
2) Go straight this "Nagahori Street" and turn left at 3rd street
3) Go straight and turn left at 2nd street, then you can find the building with yellow boutique on your right.
For customers coming from Meishin Highway/Kyoto
1) Go into Hanshin Highway Ikeda line at Toyonaka IC from Meishin Highway and drive to Osaka direction.
2) Merge into Meishin Orbital Highway and exit at "Honmachi Exit" and turn right.
3) Go straight and turn left at 2nd large street, "Midosuji".
4) Go straight on "Midosuji" then, you can find "Namba Shrine"
5) Turn right at 3rd street from "Namba Shrine", between "Benetton" and "Human Academy"
6) You can find the building with yellow boutique on your right.